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HyChem and TecnoVeritas in joint venture in hydrogen technologies

The new company of the Algora Group, a 50/50 joint venture, covers the entire value chain of hydrogen and aims to explore the technologies associated with this future energy source.

"HyVeritas, promoting the acceleration and democratization of new technological solutions based on hydrogen, can significantly contribute to the energy transition towards a more sustainable future," highlights Arlindo de Carvalho, Chief Operations Officer and Administrator of HyChem.

Under the slogan "Hydrogen Today and Beyond," the newly established HyVeritas positions itself in the market as a pioneering company in the use of hydrogen in maritime engines, among other applications.

HyVeritas builds upon the extensive experience of HyChem, which has been producing high-purity hydrogen since 1939 (possessing knowledge from concept to industrialization), and TecnoVeritas' expertise in engineering solutions and services for the naval industry, including energy efficiency programs and monitoring.

HyVeritas has three development axes in its portfolio:

  • Hydrogen production technology - The development of an alkaline electrolyzer, with the first prototype located at HyChem's facilities in Póvoa de Santa Iria.
  • Hydrogen storage and transportation - The maturation of storage and distribution solutions (LOHC) using an oil-based process (hydrogenation-storage-dehydrogenation), enabling efficient and low-risk transportation.
  • Engine conversion - The conversion of diesel marine engines into dual-fuel engines capable of running on hydrogen as well, in a partnership involving Mitsubishi.

TecnoVeritas, headquartered in Mafra but with a global scope of operation (with offices in five countries, from Spain to China and India), has over 25 years of activity providing engineering services and technological systems to the naval and industrial sectors. With a focus on energy management and emissions, the company has a solid track record in delivering solutions that combine innovation and knowledge.

Led by Jorge Antunes, CEO and Technical Manager, TecnoVeritas offers a wide range of services and products in the fields of naval engineering (maritime transportation), energy, and environment. The company has been ISO 9001 certified since 2004, ensuring high-quality standards in its operations.

Chemistry has historically been viewed with suspicion by environmental NGOs, but that attitude may be changing. At least, this is what signals an invitation from ZERO – Sustainable Earth System Association for HyChem to intervene in a meeting promoted in Lisbon and then welcome the visit of national stakeholders of the hydrogen economy.

This was the case with the participation of a HyChem leader in the Industry Pitch promoted by ZERO as "A critical look at the role of hydrogen in the energy transition".

The event brought together national actors from the hydrogen economy, from industry to civil society, in a perspective of sharing insights, focusing on the prioritization of green hydrogen and its applications. ZERO considered HyChem's presence as "essential at this meeting, particularly due to its pioneering green hydrogen projects."

The interested participants then travelled by bus to Póvoa, where they were received by members of the Administration, who introduced HyChem, its challenges and projects, followed by a field visit.

Among the majority of visitors, there were partners of the Company: AP2H2, Prio, APREN, Madoca Ventures, PFR, ADP Fertilizantes, ANA Aeroportos, APDL, INEGI and LNEG, in addition to the organizing association, ZERO.