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As a strategic partner in the industry's transition to carbon neutrality and in response to the challenge of climate change, HyChem is committed to investing in energy transition, specifically in the production of green hydrogen, and technological innovation.

Within this strategic framework and aligned with efforts towards operational excellence in its business area, the company has been implementing innovative projects that demonstrate its commitment to sustainability through the modern concept of Circular Economy.

One of those projects involves the recovery and valorization of excess hydrogen from the production process in the generation of steam.


Since 2015, the boilers have been equipped with new burners, enabling the combined use of two fuels (natural gas and hydrogen) in any percentage combination, which constitutes an innovative solution that adds efficiency and sustainability to the energy system.


The replacement of natural gas (an imported resource) with hydrogen has reached an average monthly utilization rate of over 50%, resulting in a significant reduction in emissions associated with steam generation. This is because burning hydrogen primarily produces water vapor.

Another project in development will enable the HyChem site to be carbon-neutral as early as 2023, when the ALGATEC Eco Business Park, an industrial platform for the production of microalgae (the largest in Europe) co-located in Póvoa, is in the process of capturing all the carbon dioxide emitted by the production process.

ALGATEC plans to use around 2000 tons of CO2 in the production of microalgae, which exceeds even the total volume of direct emissions from the HyChem site.

HyChem plays an essential role in the innovative Move2LowC project, which responds to the need to combat climate change and transform the economic model through alternatives not solely based on electricity in the area of sustainable mobility. Move2LowC translates the idea of producing biofuels for air transport, and hydrogen and biomethane for heavy road transport.