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HyChem provides a set of social benefits to its co-workers, which place it below the average of the region companies.The benefits include an ambulatory medical assistance insurance and hospital admissions for all workers, as well as daily medic post availability.

The Company created a pension fund to guarantee its workers a complement to the attributed pension by the Social Security, namely for situations of greater severity, such as work deaths or disability pensions.

Workers with open-ended contract, that attend a training course known as of interest to HyChem, can have access to an annual scholarship, that extends to children in school age.

Furthermore, the Company grants its workers a pecuniary decoration for every child born, which is in effect since the first of January 2022 and reinforces the vast pool of social privileges.  proporcionadas e inscreve-se numa política responsável de gestão das Pessoas e apoio social, que visa contribuir para a melhoria das condições de vida dos nossos colaboradores e das respetivas famílias.

Clube Algora

HyChem’s workers are invited to join Clube Algora, an initiative by the shareholding, that seeks to work as a lever of engagement, fortifying the commitment of the people for the Organization.

Social Responsability

Clube Algora’s main goal is to consolidate a common culture, of union and cooperation between teams and people, to contribute for the environment at work and to share value in community, to execute social responsibility actions oriented for charity.

The Club’s contribution is to suggest and organize events, to encourage and facilitate the participation in voluntary company initiatives, and to create a network of partners in order to provide advantages and benefits to its members upon the acquisition of certain products and services.