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In its industrial perimeter, HyChem is also developing a Business Park, an initiative that positions itself as an innovation and sustainability platform in promoting promising projects.


Business Park Purpose

The ultimate goal is the reindustrialization of the site, attracting sustainable-based companies, creating employment, and contributing to the socio-economic development of the local community.

The undertaking aims to strategically exploit the potential of the available spaces and infrastructure for the establishment of new businesses.

In a second phase of the project, HyChem plans not only to optimize the utilization of the Business Park by increasing the occupied areas but also to introduce, within the next four years, a capacity of 50,000 m2 of new buildings specifically designed for technology-based companies or those that engage in activities aligned with sustainability and decarbonization.

Collocated with HyChem, other companies are already taking full advantage of the Business Park, such as A4F Algafuel and Green Aqua Póvoa, who together promote the ALGATEC Eco Business Park on a 14-hectare site dedicated to microalgae production units.


In the algae domain, we find BIOFAT.PT, a project by Green Aqua Póvoa aimed at the industrial production of 270 tons/year of microalgae and value-added substances, including a biorefinery. But that's not all: HyChem’s shareholders plan to establish two more biorefineries in Povoa (pilot scale and demo scale), as well as a pilot fermentation unit for the production of biofuels, among other projects.



But not only that: HyChem shareholders plan to locate two more bio-refineries (pilot-scale and demonstration-scale) in Póvoa, as well as a pilot fermentation unit for biofuel production, among other projects.

The national authorities and the Municipal Council of Vila Franca de Xira openly support this venture. They see it as a relevant concept for the country's economy and as a structuring element for the municipality, recognizing its high merit and conditions for value creation and the generation of new qualified jobs within a Biocluster concept.

These additional reasons make the HyChem Business Park the Right Place to Be for more sustainable economic activities to choose.



Business Park Partners