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HyChem - Química Sustentável, S.A. (formerly Solvay Portugal, S.A.) is a company specialized in hydrogen chemistry and a strategic partner in the Industry’s transition to carbon neutrality.

It operates in the market under the tagline "energy is in us", which reflects both its electro-intensive nature and its purpose of change: HyChem seeks to integrate renewable energy sources, circular economy practices and sustainability solutions, aiming to become a role model in industrial transformation and decarbonisation.


Company Profile

HyChem is owned by ALGORA - Sustainable Investments, SGPS, a joint venture between A4F - Algae for Future, SGPS, holding company of the Portuguese biotechnology group A4F, specialized in the development of technologies for the industrial production of algae and the installation of large-scale production units, and Green Aqua Company, SGPS, holding company of the Green Aqua group, dedicated to the industrial production of micro and macroalgae.

In Póvoa de Santa Iria (VF de Xira), HyChem manufactures and commercializes sodium chlorate, an essential product to the Pulp & Paper sector, and hydrogen.



HyChem is a certified company. It runs an important Business Park, an entrepreneurial initiative that positions itself as an innovation and sustainability platform, and supplies services and utilities to the ALGATEC Eco Business Park (oriented to receiving microalgae production projects) and to other company partners.

HyChem commits to invest in the energy transition, in the production of green hydrogen and in technological innovation, towards greater sustainability and for the benefit of the shared value with its partners.