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HyChem subscribes “Towards COP27” Manifesto

HyChem was one of the member companies of BCSD Portugal that signed the "Towards COP27" Manifesto, which the Business Council for Sustainable Development published in the national media on the eve of the United Nations conference on Climate Change, held in Egypt from November 6 to 18.

BCSD Portugal members emphasized that we are living "a critical moment for the implementation of the Paris Agreement on climate" and that this will have to be "a decade of action".

The Manifesto recalled that "by 2030, it will be necessary to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions by 45%, compared to 2010 levels - which implies an annual reduction by 2030 greater than that which occurred in 2020, due to the COVID-19 lockdown”.

In this sense, the signatories, including the Chairman of the Board of HyChem, Nuno Coelho, considered it crucial that COP27 should result in "practical and concrete contributions".


BCSD Portugal

BCSD Portugal called for the consolidation of a global system for emission licenses trading and the deepening and implementation of the European Climate Law, including the adoption of a more robust incentive scheme and greener taxation.

The promotion of innovation for sustainability and nature-based solutions was also listed as a priority in the Manifesto. 


The signatories argued that "the clear development of these priority lines of action at COP27 will make an important contribution to a more just and carbon-free global economy.


As for companies, their capacity for innovation and investment can be - and is already being - transformative. Thus, no matter how complex and challenging the situation may be at any given moment, the commitment of BCSD Portugal and its members to combating climate change not only remains, but should accelerate until 2030".